(aka. Zolt Asta)

Fine Artist, Born in 1974
Lives and works in Budapest


1993-1999 Hungarian Academy of Fine Art, Department of Painting
Professors: Gábor Dienes, Dóra Maurer

His Art

His art focuses on the past in several aspects. He uses large variety of exposition: installation, film, video, photograph, graphics etc.

"Storytelling is the philosophy of the things that have happened - wrote Egon Friedell.. Every story is born to an individual, however much the writer struggles to achieve scientific objectivity. The memories of the past are like separate musical notes, which we make into a melody in a certain era and put down in a sheet of music. Each era has its own melody. Each historical memory is waiting to be conceived by the future, so that a reality is formed. The way of thinking about the past or a canon can be formed or changed, as it is not exclusively about the original truth but about ourselves." - Zsolt

Zsolt Asztalos exhibited through Hungary and all Europe. He represented Hungary at 55th Venice Biennale with his project 'Fired but Unexploded'.

2109 Candidate for Leopold Bloom Art Award
2016 Munkácsy Mihály Art Award
2013 Venice Art Biennale, Pavilion of Hungary
2007-2010 Derkovits Gyula Scholarship

Solo Exhibitions
2001 Black and White - Studio Gallery, Budapest 
2001 Cube - Hungarian Cultural Institution, Prague
2002 Black and White - European Middle Gallery, Esztergom
2004 Still Life - Dinamo Gallery, Budapest
2006 Your past is my Present - Dorottya Gallery, Budapest
2007 Hidden - European Middle Gallery, Esztergom
2007 Your past is my Present - Opera House, Budapest
2008 Inside - Studio Gallery, Budapest
2008 White - Apropodium Gallery, Budapest
2009 Common Exhibition with Zsolt Tibor - Viltin Gallery, Budapest
2009 We are in time - Pintér Sonja Gallery, Budapest
2010 Fragile, King Saint Stephen Museum, Székesfehérvár
2011 Three in One, Parnu, Estonia
2012 Fired but Unexploded, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
2012 Esperanto, Óbudai Társaskör, Budapest
2012 Two hydrogen atoms shared their electrons, City Gallery Miskolc
2012 Image Bank, Art9 Gallery, Budapest
2013 Fired but Unexploded, Hungarian Pavilion at the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezzia
2013 Fired but Unexploded, Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait City
2013 Fired but Unexploded, REÖK, Szeged
2014 ARCO, Madrid
2014 Fired but Unexploded, Capa Center, Budapest
2014 Dead Objects - Museum Project, Fuga, Budapest
2014 Selected Works, Ural Vision Gallery, Ekaterinburg
2014 Two Hydrogens shared their electrons into common, MODEM, Hungary
2015 Break Apart then Put Together, ART9 Gallery, Budapest
2016 Reservation, B32 Gallery, Budapest
2016 History - My version, Fészek Gallery, Budapest
2016 Restored Memories, Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre, Hungary
2017 Unknown Artists, Paintbrush Factory - Base Gallery, Cluj-Napoca
2018 To Die for Principles - HybridArt Gallery, Budapest
2018 Restoring a Black Flag - Vizivárosi Gallery, Budapest
2018 Recollection - Szatmár Museum, Mátészalka
2019 Dead Objects - Munkácsy Emlékház, Békéscsaba
2019 Unknown Artists - ISBN Gallery, Budapest

Group Exhibitions
1999 Geo - Hungarian Geological Institution, Budapest
1999 Sanatorium - ArtPool P60, Budapest
1999 Maurer Class - Hungarian Cultural Institution, Berlin
2000 Varsaw-Budapest - Polish Cultural Institution, Budapest
2002 Green Flood - Kieselbach Galley, Budapest
2004 Still Life - Ernst Museum, Budapest
2008 Metro project - Metro Gallery, Budapest
2008 Curator - Budapest Gallery, Budapest
2008 Derkovits Scholarship Exhibition - Ernst Museum, Budapest
2008 Reloaded - Studio Gallery, Budapest
2008 Collegium Budapest, Wien
2008 Genezis, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
2009 Pixels - Ernst Museum, Budapest
2009 Viltin Galley - Wiennafair
2009 Agora - Olof Palme House, Budapest
2009 Derkovits Scholarship Exhibition - Ernst Museum, Budapest
2009 Conditional Present- Hungarian Cultural Institution, Paris
2010 Derkovits Scholarship Exhibition - Ernst Museum, Budapest
2010 Everyday - Contemporary Institution of Miskolc
2010 Wiennafair - Viltin Gallery
2010 Contemporary Art Ruhr Essen
2010 Relations. Who? Whom? With what? – City Gallery, Székesfehérvár
2010 Szenyor, Studio Gallery, Budapest
2010 Platonic Lives (TINA-B Festival), Prague
2010 Donumenta, Regensburg, Germany
2010 Budapest Art Fair, Kusnthalle Budapest
2011 Mega Pixel 2., Olof Palme House Budapest
2011 Nice past is waiting for us, Csikász Gallery, Veszprém
2011 Viltin Gallery, ARCO Art Fair, MADRID
2011 My God, MODEM, Debrecen
2011 Vorou Gallery, Estonia
2011 Mimetic Construction, Contemporary Institution of Miskolc
2011 Water – Mizu, A38 hajó, Budapest
2011 Speaks for itself, Hungarian National Gallery
2012 ARCO, Madrid2012 Quadratic Equations, Kepes Institute, Eger
2012 Telemeter, Kepes Institute, Eger
2012 Water, Pintér Sonja Gallery, Budapest
2012 What is Hungarian?, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2012 Drawing.OK, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
2013 10th Kunszt – Torta, Miskolci Galéria
2013 Concept nowadays, Gallery in Paks
2013 Light of Soul, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Rome
2013 Budapest Immersion, New Budapest Gallery
2013 User Experience, Csikász Gallery, Veszprém
2013 Five, Viltin Gallery, Budapest
2013 Wiennafair - Viltin Gallery
2013 Art Bologna - Ural Vision Gallery
2014 Olvasztótégely, Art Moments, Budapest
2014 Traces, Art9 Gallery, Budapest
2015 Traces, ACEC Cultural Center, Apeldoorn, Holland
2015 Sculptures, Candid Art Gallery, LONDON
2015 Autumn Show, Nesta Gallery, LONDON
2015 Mind the Object, Lithuania
2015 Diplomatic Art, Timisoara, Romania
2015 Radical Memories, Chimera-Project, Budapest
2015 Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Venice, Italy
2016 Identity, Altrincham, GREAT BRITAIN
2016 Nature, Ural Vision Gallery, Ekaterinburg
2016 Ars Sacra, Vízivárosi Galéria, Budapest
2016 One Artist- One Poet, Faur Zsófi Gallery, Budapest
2016 Nature, Kunsthalle, Budapest
2016 The New, Galatea Gallery, Boston, USA
2016 Oltre, Accademia d’Ungheria in Roma
2016 Fabricated Histories, IIEB7 Biennale, Bucharest
2017 Universal Allowed, Avantpost Contemporary Art Collective, Timisoara
2017 Limiti-confini (Borders and boudaries), Milan Dome - Great Museum, Milan
2018 Scale - New Budapest Gallery
2018 When Peace Erupts - Vittorio Veneto, Italy
2019 Leopold Bloom Art Award, Ludwig Museum, Budapest